Why I’m running for Congress


Our country is at a crossroads, and we need new leadership to help us back onto the right path. In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, I knew that it was time to take a stand: to step up to serve our community and provide a check against the extremes that Donald Trump represents.

Unfortunately, our current Congresswoman, Mimi Walters, has been a devoted and vocal rubber stamp for Donald Trump, voting with him 97% of the time. She supports Trump’s proposals to eliminate Meals on Wheels, PBS, and legal assistance for victims of domestic violence. She has voted against commonsense protections for our environment and in favor of coal and oil companies who want to pollute our air and water. She has remained silent as Trump tried to implement his cruel, senseless, and unconstitutional “Muslim ban,” and through the wave of violent anti-Semitism that has swept across the country in the wake of Trump’s election. She has been an early and ardent cheerleader of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan’s “American Health Care Act,” which would raise costs for virtually everyone and cut off 24 million Americans from health insurance, including 47,500 people in this district—all for the benefit of billionaires and the health insurance industry. And just recently, she voted with Trump to allow internet service providers to sell your private browsing histories for a profit. Mimi Walters has consistently prioritized the interests of lobbyists and donors over those of her constituents.

Mimi Walters is out of touch with our community because she refuses to listen to us. In January 2017, I began asking the question “Where’s Mimi?” because Mimi Walters has not held a public town hall since she was first sworn in as a member of Congress in January 2015. How can she represent us if she refuses to meet us?

I promise to do things differently. I will be your representative and fight for our community’s values and interests. Most importantly, I plan to listen to you. With your help, we can take back our country and begin building the future we all believe in.

I want my children to grow up in an America that represents the core values that drew my parents, and millions of immigrants just like them, to this country—the values of inclusion, diversity, economic opportunity, and social mobility. Our district reflects the very best of these ideals, and we deserve a Congressional representative who will protect and promote these core principles.

Today, America’s founding values are under siege. While President Donald Trump and Steve Bannon claim to speak for American greatness, their actions threaten what makes America truly great. And when Congresswoman Mimi Walters sides with President Trump 100% of the time, she is using our district’s vote as a rubber stamp for a radical agenda that is out of line with our interests and beliefs.