“For too long, career politicians have used political offices as step ladders to advance their own careers, and not advance the priorities of voters. Until we decide as a party to promote new voices from within our community, our promise of true representative government will ring hollow in Washington D.C. and Sacramento. That’s why I’m throwing my full support behind Dave Min for California State Senate District 37. Dave represents exactly the kind of new leadership that I’ve been calling for ever since I announced my candidacy for Congress- leadership that reflects the diversity of Southern California, diversity in life experience, and diversity in expertise. He will put his unique economic policy background to work to ensure our state remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family. He’s the partner I need working with me in Sacramento, and I am proud to endorse him.”

Rep. Gil Cisneros

California’s 39th Congressional District

“I am backing Dave Min as the clear progressive choice for this seat. I’ve seen his commitment to fighting on behalf of Orange County families for universal healthcare, communities that are safe from gun violence, and protecting women’s rights. As an educator myself, I’m impressed by Dave Min’s commitment to improving educational opportunities for Southern California students. And as the Co-Chair of the Congressional Safe Climate Caucus, I am excited about the prospect of working with Dave as he continues his outspoken leadership on efforts to create a green economy and reverse climate change trends.”

Rep. Alan Lowenthal

California’s 47th Congressional District

“As a native Californian and the son of immigrants, Dave Min has a thorough understanding of the issues that matter most to our communities. Whether it’s creating economic opportunity, expanding affordable healthcare, making our neighborhoods safe from gun violence, or protecting the rights of women, Dave understands what is at stake in our state and will be a strong advocate for progressive values in the State Senate.”

Rep. Judy Chu

California’s 27th Congressional District

“Now more than ever, we need California to provide thoughtful progressive leadership to the country as we face the immoral and corrupt policies of the Trump Administration. Dave has devoted his entire career to the goal of ensuring economic opportunities for people from all backgrounds and I’ve seen firsthand how dedicated, passionate, and principled he is in this cause. I’m endorsing Dave Min for State Senate because I know he will be the partner I need in Sacramento to help California stand up to Donald Trump and lead the way for the rest of the country.”

  Rep. Ted Lieu

   California’s 38th Congressional District

“Dave Min is prepared to deliver what his District needs in Sacramento – pragmatic leadership focused on expanding economic opportunity for people of all income levels,” said Rep. Aguilar. “Owing to years of work as a policy expert, Dave is solutions-focused and ready to lead on Day One on Orange County’s big issues, such as protecting healthcare access and promoting alternative forms of energy. I’m incredibly proud to give him my endorsement for State Senate District 37.”

  Rep. Pete Aguilar

   California’s 31st Congressional District

“Dave Min is a community leader with a pragmatic eye towards the issues facing Southern Californians. As an economic policy expert, Dave is especially committed to creating and sustaining an economy that works for everyone. He will work tirelessly on behalf of ALL Californians in ensuring full equality. He has been a champion for the LGBTQ community and I look forward to his leadership in Sacramento.”

  Rep. Mark Takano

   California’s 41st Congressional District

“Dave Min’s thoughtful, policy-oriented approach to leadership makes him the most qualified candidate for Senate District 37. He has a long-term approach to handling the issues that face Southern California families – such as providing affordable housing and educational opportunities, standing up for women’s rights, and protecting our environment.”

  Rep. Scott Peters

   California’s 52nd Congressional District

“Armed with years of policy experience and a fierce dedication to the diverse Orange County community he calls home, Dave Min has the unique skill set needed to keep SD 37 moving in the right direction. Dave knows our state can and will lead on important issues like economic development, access to affordable housing and healthcare, and protecting our communities from the effects of climate change – and I am thrilled to support his candidacy.”

Jenny Bach

California Democratic Party Secretary

“Dave Min is uniquely qualified to protect Californian families from the harmful and dangerous environmental policies of the Trump Administration. We need Dave’s experience, policy chops, and leadership in Sacramento to ensure a safe and healthy climate for future generations.”

  RL Miller

   Chair of the California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus

“Dave Min has my endorsement for SD37 because he’s dedicated to using his policy expertise to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for our students, increase funding for our classrooms, and give teachers the fair pay and respect they deserve. As a teacher, I trust that Dave will be the advocate that public school students, teachers, and parents need in Sacramento.”

  Patrick O’Donnell

  California State Assemblymember

“I am excited to support Dave Min for the 37th State Senate District. Dave’s accessibility, his work ethic, and his commitment to getting out there in the community mean that he understands south Orange County in a way that few others do – and as an economic policy expert, he also understands what it takes to create an economy that works for everyone.”

Sukhee Kang

Former Irvine Mayor

“Dave Min has spent his career advocating for the rights of working families. We need Dave’s expertise in Sacramento now more than ever as California continues to fight for an equal economic playing field, universal healthcare, and immigrant rights. As Democrats, we also have the responsibility to have leaders that actually reflect the incredible diversity of our Orange County community. I endorse Dave Min for his leadership, policy expertise, and commitment to bringing new diverse voices to the table.”

Ed Hernández

Former California State Senator

“As a long-time servant of Orange County communities, Dave Min is the best choice to represent State Senate District 37. In addition to his dedication to public outreach, Dave possesses deep subject-matter expertise in economic and housing policy that will inform his approach to creating economic opportunities for Orange County residents of all backgrounds.”

Ross Chun

Aliso Viejo Mayor

“Dave Min is an engaged, effective community leader who has shown a strong concern for the families he will represent in the State Senate. He has a track record of leading on the issues that matter to Southern Californians, ranging from economic development to environmental protection to solutions to the homelessness crisis facing our communities. I couldn’t be more excited to endorse him for Senate District 37.”

David Ryu

Los Angeles City Councilman

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“Orange County families deserve someone who takes the effort to understand the many different needs of our diverse communities and is willing to fight for our values, such as investing in affordable education opportunities for our kids and keeping our environment clean and safe for generations to come. With decades of policy know-how under his belt and a proven commitment to engaging with the community, Dave Min is that person- which is why I’m excited to lend him my support for State Senate District 37.”

  Tiffany Ackley

 Aliso Viejo City Councilwoman


“Having represented and worked with Orange County residents for many years, I can confidently say Dave Min is the best choice for Senate District 37. He’s a thoughtful, dedicated community advocate running for the right reason – to put the needs of Orange County families first and foremost.”

 Mary Ann Gaido

 Former Irvine City Council Member


“Dave Min is the principled, progressive leader District 37 needs. He is informed by years of legal practice and policy knowledge and ready to tackle tough issues like access to affordable housing and protecting our communities from climate change.”

Ali Taj

Artesia City Council Member

email new board member

“As an educator, I couldn’t be more excited to endorse Dave Min for State Senate District 37. Dave is a fierce advocate for quality public education for Orange County children, and I know he can be counted on to fight for the best interests of students and teachers in Sacramento. His expertise in economics and innovative approach to solving problems means that he will be on the front lines of trying to create an economy that works for our students when they graduate into the workforce. His candidacy has my full support.”

Valerie Amezcua

President of Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Education

Jay_Chen (1)

“Dave has a unique background in that he’s spent most of his career developing and implementing detailed social and economic policies– something you don’t always see in political candidates. This means he’s ready to step in on day one and not only talk about progressive policy outcomes but actually work to get them accomplished. I’m excited to endorse Dave Min’s campaign for State Senate and I’m even more excited to see what he’ll do to address some of our pressing issues in California, like rising student debt or housing affordability.”

Jay Chen

Mt. St. Antonio College Board of Trustees


“It is with great excitement that I endorse Dave Min as the obvious progressive pick for this Senate District. I’ve known Dave for years and so recognize his deep commitment to improving and maintaining the excellence of Orange County’s public schools. I am positive that he has the leadership skills and fresh policy ideas required to make sure our Orange County students- particularly low-income students, immigrant students, and students of color- have the resources they need to succeed in a changing 21st-century.”

Dr. J Paolo Magcalas

Anaheim Elementary School Board Clerk


“As an immigrant and dedicated law enforcement officer, I’ve seen firsthand the deep need for better representation and responsiveness among those who would make our state’s laws. For too long, too many people in Orange County have felt that their interests and concerns have been ignored by their elected representatives. I’ve seen how hard Dave Min works to reach out to all of the different people who make up our diverse community, and I know this is the leadership we need in Sacramento. I am proud to support his campaign for SD37.”

Duke Nguyen

Public Integrity Investigator for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and Former Candidate for OC Sheriff


“Having served as a public educator in California schools for nearly four decades, I recognize Dave Min’s commitment to improving the educational lot for Orange County public school students. He’s got fresh ideas for keeping our public schools on the forefront of innovation and inclusion and can be trusted to bring those ideas to Sacramento, where he will work in the best interests of our public school students and teachers. His SD37 campaign has my support.”

Mary Navarro

Orange County activist and third generation educator with nearly four decades of teaching experience in California public schools


“With a community-oriented attitude and progressive ideas for keeping our neighborhoods safe and prosperous, Dave Min has the skills and mindset needed to represent District 37 in the State Senate. Dave will bring more accountable, more effective leadership to Orange County communities, and I’m excited to support his candidacy.”

Andrew Rodriguez

Mayor of Walnut

Lynne Riddle

“Dave Min has a track-record as a skilled, progressive community advocate who is especially strong on issues of women’s equality. His wife, Jane, has been a tireless legal champion for domestic violence survivors – her work as the Chair of the UCI Domestic Clinic, helping draft A.B. 2694 to increase access to service in domestic violence cases, has informed Dave’s hardline approach to women’s rights. He promises to deliver on issues like pay equality, reproductive care access, and preventing sexual harrassment/violence against women – because of this, I am proud to endorse him for State Senate District 37.”

Lynne Riddle

Planned Parenthood board, activist, retired federal bankruptcy judge

rima (1)

“I am supporting Dave Min as the clear best choice for this State Senate seat. Dave is a strong voice for women’s rights who is certainly informed and inspired by his wife’s lifelong dedication to advocating for domestic violence survivors in the courtroom. I know Dave will be a champion for protecting the rights of women and girls, including cracking down on human trafficking offenders and taking steps to prevent child marriage, and he will work tirelessly to improve the lives of all of his constituents.”

Rima Nashashibi

Arab-American and women’s rights activist


“Dave Min can absolutely be counted on to be the strong advocate women need in the California State Senate. Dave is a hardline advocate on equality for women, no doubt motivated by the work of his wife Jane, who is one of the country’s leading experts on domestic violence law and a local champion for underserved women and domestic violence victims. Dave is not only great on the issues – pay equality, greater access to reproductive care, stronger protections for victims of domestic violence – but his long history of public policy expertise means he is uniquely well equipped to go to the State Senate and fight for our priorities. I cannot think of a better candidate for this seat than Dave Min.”

Louise Adler

Founding member of Women’s Board of Leadership, local women’s activist

Sherri Loveland

“Dave Min and his wife Jane Stoever, who is a leading expert on the complex problem of domestic violence, have been fierce advocates in fighting against Donald Trump’s war on women. I know Dave is passionate and thoughtful about making the world a fairer and safer place for girls and women, and I am excited to endorse him for State Senate District 37.”

Sherri Loveland

Tustin community activist, women’s rights advocate and former Assembly District Delegate to the California Democratic Party


“Dave is ready to create good-paying, clean energy jobs in Orange County. At a time when local leadership is so critical on climate change, we need Dave’s pragmatic approach over the current climate change denier in District 37. Dave’s campaign for State Senate District 37 promises to put a stop to this nonsense by offering smart leadership based on years of policy experience. I am excited to support Dave.”

Sam Jammal

Clean Energy Businessman


“As a clean energy advocate fighting for 100% renewable energy in Orange County, I can confidently say Dave Min is the candidate best prepared to make our community a leader in sustainability. Unlike incumbent John Moorlach – who has said the “cards are still on the table” where climate change is concerned – Dave takes the threat of a changing environment seriously, and is well-prepared to take policy-based action now to ensure our neighborhoods and families are safe, healthy, and sustainable. I am proud to give him my endorsement in his SD37 campaign.”

Robin Ganahl

Orange County Clean Energy Advocate & Organizer


“Dave Min has my enthusiastic endorsement for State Senate District 37. Dave has a wealth of experience in policy and politics that will allow him to step in on Day One and lead. Dave has crafted and helped to implement comprehensive legislation and regulations, he has testified six times before Congress on economic and financial matters, and his work has been recognized by national news outlets like the New York Times. California will be fortunate to have an economic policy expert like Dave Min in the State Senate, helping to lead its efforts to create an alternative to the failures of Trump/Ryan Republican economics.”

Andy Green

Managing Director of Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund*

*The title and employer are given for identification purposes only, and should not be understood in any way to reflect an endorsement by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

“At a time when support for LGBTQ Californians is critically necessary, Dave Min can be counted on to have their back in the State Senate. Dave is a forward-thinking policy expert whose progressive ideas for Orange County reflect the incredible diversity of the District he is aiming to represent – it is with great excitement that I lend my support to his candidacy for District 37.”

Justin Massey

LGBTQ Activist


“We are thrilled to support Dave Min’s candidacy for State Senate District 37. Dave’s strong commitment to improving educational opportunities for Orange County students of every background —coupled with his years of policy know-how — make him the most qualified candidate to represent our interests in the State Senate.”

Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers Local AFT 1794