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Dave Min’s Statement on Ryan’s Retirement

Dave Min’s Statement on Ryan’s Retirement

IRVINE, CA – Following the announcement by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that he will retire at the end of the year, the California Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Congress Dave Min released the following statement:

“Speaker Ryan’s decision to step down after this year is good news for Orange County families, but it’s not enough. We must reject the failed leadership of Ryan and those who enabled his radical partisan agenda, including my opponent Congresswoman Mimi Walters. Ryan and Walters led the effort to take away health insurance from thousands of families in our community, they were key in passing a tax bill that hurts working Orange County families, and they’ve failed to reach a reasonable compromise on immigration that would reverse Trump’s decision to end DACA and protect Dreamers.

“People in Orange County are ready for leadership that holds the President accountable and puts the needs of our communities first. I respect the personal sacrifices it takes to serve in Congress – even for those with whom I disagree – but it is time to move on from the toxic politics pushed forward by Ryan and President Trump, and that means that we must double down on our efforts to unseat their closest allies in Congress.”

Carpenters Endorse Dave Min

Carpenters Endorse Dave Min


IRVINE, CA – The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters announced their support of Dave Min’s campaign for the 45th Congressional District.

John Hanna, the Carpenters Government Affairs Director, made the following statement:

“The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters is pleased to endorse the candidacy of Dave Min to be the next member of Congress from California’s 45th  District. Orange County needs representatives who will fight hard for working people, our senior citizens and students about to enter the workforce and we believe Dave will do exactly that. Dave will fight to ensure that we provide pathways for training in construction and other workforce areas, in tandem with our community colleges and high schools. Good paying jobs will result from these efforts to rebuild our infrastructure and build a 21st century economy. Dave is committed to trying to ensure that more young people in Orange County will be able to afford to work and live here and not have to move to other counties in order to buy a home.  Dave will fight to crack down on payroll tax fraud in the construction industry which costs taxpayers billions of dollars. Dave will fight to protect our senior citizens social security and pensions. Dave will also be someone who can work with members of Congress from both political parties to improve the quality of life in Orange County. Dave will know when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to find common ground for the betterment of all. The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters are excited to support Dave Min’s campaign for Congress.”

The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters represent 50,000 Carpenters in Southern and Central California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and West Texas. Their members are men and women working as bridge builders, industrial carpenters, millwrights, piledrivers, insulators, dry wallers and more.

“I’m honored to receive the support of the Carpenters in my campaign to unseat Congresswoman Mimi Walters. Now more than ever, middle class families deserve a voice in Congress that will prioritize their needs over billionaires. I promise to be that voice for Orange County families and ensure they have a seat at the decision-making table,” added Dave Min.

The Carpenters are the second Labor Union to weigh into the CA-45 race. Teamsters Joint Council 42 also threw their support behind Min.

Dave Min Releases First Ad of CA-45 Primary

Dave Min Releases First Ad of CA-45 Primary

IRVINE, CA – Dave Min, the California Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Congress in CA-45, is launching his first TV ad of the primary.  It will run districtwide on cable and digital.

“As a native Californian and son of immigrants, I was taught if I worked hard, anything was possible. But Donald Trump’s attacks on immigrants, women, retirement security, and economic opportunity are making that American dream unattainable for too many Orange County families,” said Dave Min, “I’m running for Congress to defend our core values of opportunity and fairness—and to stand up to Donald Trump’s assault on the America I know and love.”

State Controller Betty Yee Endorses Dave Min

State Controller Betty Yee Endorses Dave Min

California State Controller Betty Yee announced her official endorsement of Democrat Dave Min’s campaign for the 45th Congressional District:

“I am pleased to endorse Dave Min for United States Congress.  As the state’s chief fiscal officer, I know Dave is the best candidate to represent the residents and businesses of the 45th Congressional District.  A nationally recognized expert on economic policy, Dave will protect women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions, push to increase access to affordable healthcare, and fight to create an economy that works for everyone.”

Dave Min said he is proud to have the endorsement of a such a strong progressive leader.

“State Controller Betty Yee has been standing up for middle class California families her entire career and as a member of Congress, I will follow her example. Both of us were born into immigrant families who wanted to pursue a better life, not only for themselves but for future generations to come. As a public servant, I will work every day to protect the American Dream and make sure it remains attainable for the children and families of California.”

State Controller Yee, who lives in San Francisco, was elected State Controller in 2014 after serving on the Board of Equalization since 2006. Ms. Yee spoke in favor of Dave Min receiving the California Democratic Party endorsement on the floor of the convention last Sunday.

In addition to State Controller Betty Yee and the California Democratic Party, click here to view Dave’s other endorsements!

Dave Min Endorsed by California Democratic Party

Dave Min Endorsed by California Democratic Party

San Diego – Statewide delegates at the California Democratic Party’s state convention officially endorsed Dave Min today, following his strong showing from CA-45 delegates yesterday.

“I’m grateful to be the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate against Representative Mimi Walters, and humbled by the incredible grassroots support that propelled us to this victory,” said Min.  “Democrats are uniting to defeat Walters and stop the Trump agenda. Whether it’s fighting for universal healthcare, enacting meaningful gun violence protections, or fighting for the economic security of middle class Orange County families, the stakes couldn’t be higher for this upcoming election. With a united Democratic Party behind my candidacy, I’m ready to take this fight to Donald Trump’s most reliable rubber stamp, Congresswoman Mimi Walters.

Release: Dave Min Pledges to Refuse Gun Lobby Donations, Calls on Rep. Walters to Return Thousands

Release: Dave Min Pledges to Refuse Gun Lobby Donations, Calls on Rep. Walters to Return Thousands


IRVINE – In response to one of the deadliest mass shootings in our country’s history, Democratic candidate for Congress Dave Min pledged to refuse any campaign contributions from the gun lobby and called on Congresswoman Mimi Walters to return the thousands of dollars she has already taken from the gun lobby.

“Over her long political career in California’s State Assembly, the State Senate, and now Congress, Walters has never once taken a vote contrary to the NRA’s preferred position. As a legislator, Rep. Walters voted against background checks, restrictions on assault weapons, a ban on large capacity magazines and conversion kits and ‘gun violence restraining orders.’ In Congress, Walters has maintained her perfect NRA rating, including sponsoring the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which forces states like California to honor concealed carry permits issued by other states with weaker gun laws.

“The influence the gun lobby’s money has on Congress is clear. I pledge to never accept campaign contributions from the NRA or other members of the gun lobby and will instead fight to make our communities safer from the specter of gun violence.

“Time and again, Rep. Walters has shown she’s more concerned with pleasing her big donors than she is with representing the priorities of her constituents. I call on Walters to return the thousands of the dollars she has received from the gun lobby.”

Release: Grassroots Momentum Builds for Dave Min (CA-45)

Release: Grassroots Momentum Builds for Dave Min (CA-45)

Orange County Democrats are rallying behind Dave Min as our best chance to defeat Mimi Walters and turn CA-45 blue. This past Saturday, 66% of the Democratic Party’s pre-endorsement conference delegates voted to endorse Dave, which came on the heels of two straw polls taken in the past two weeks in which Dave took over 60% of the vote. Dave has now dominated every straw poll and other vote taken by voters who’ve heard the Democratic candidates.

Support of local elected officials and members of Congress is also continuing to consolidate behind him, with Mayor Pro Tem and Orange County Board of Education Member Beckie Gomez (Tustin), City Council Member Jesus Silva (Fullerton), Capistrano Unified School Board Trustee Amy Hanacek, Capistrano Unified School Board Trustee Dr. Gary Pritchard, and the UC Irvine College Democrats adding their names to the long list of local endorsements behind the Dave Min for Congress campaign.

“I’m so grateful and honored to have so many people from across our community joining our grassroots, people-powered campaign,” said Dave Min. “Our campaign’s approach of emphasizing the issues that matter to local Orange County working families, like climate change, our broken health care system, or the high costs of college, is resonating with the voters of our district. We’re proud of our broad coalition of supporters of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and political leanings.”

Dave Min’s Endorsements:

Congresswoman Judy Chu, California’s 27th District
Fiona Ma, Chair, CA Board of Equalization
Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assemblywoman of the 65th Assembly and Former Mayor of Fullerton
Jesus Silva, Fullerton City Councilmember
Ali Taj, Mayor of Artesia
Ross Chun, Mayor Pro Tem of Aliso Viejo
Beckie Gomez, Mayor Pro Tem of Tustin & Orange County Board of Education Member
Sukhee Kang, Former Mayor of Irvine
David Lau, Former Mayor of Monterey Park
Mike Eng, Former Mayor of Monterey Park and Assemblyman
Mary Ann Gaido, Former Irvine City Councilmember
Andrew Rodriguez, Walnut City Councilmember
John Palacio, Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Education President
Valerie Amezcua, Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Education Vice President
Dr. Gary Pritchard, Trustee, Capistrano Unified School Board
Amy Hanacek, Trustee, Capistrano Unified School Board
Korean American Democratic Club
AAA Fund
NewDemPAC Candidate Watch List
Teamsters Joint Council 42
Orange County High School Democrats
AAPI Victory Fund
UC-Irvine College Democrats

Overwhelming Majority of Democratic Party Delegates Vote to Endorse Dave Min

Overwhelming Majority of Democratic Party Delegates Vote to Endorse Dave Min

At today’s Democratic Party pre-endorsement conference, 67% of the Democratic Party’s delegates voted to endorse Dave Min. Pending a confirmation vote from 60% of the Endorsing Caucus at next month’s Democratic Party Convention, Min will receive the endorsement of the California Democratic Party in the race to unseat Republican Mimi Walters and is the clear choice of Democrats in the 45th.

“I am thrilled and humbled that our campaign received so many votes at our district’s pre-endorsement conference this morning. This is a huge victory for our whole team and a clear sign of consensus,” said Min. “We will continue working every day to talk with voters in the 45th District and offer them the leadership that Mimi Walters has not.”


Dave Min  67%
Katie Porter  15%
Brian Forde  7%
Kia Hamadanchy  5%
No Endorsement  6%
Release: Dave Min’s Statement on Ed Royce’s Retirement

Release: Dave Min’s Statement on Ed Royce’s Retirement

January 8, 2018

Dave Min (CA-45) Statement on Royce’s Retirement

IRVINE, CA  – Democratic Candidate for Congress Dave Min made the following comments in response to Ed Royce’s (CA-39) announcement to not seek re-election:

“In the aftermath of his vote for a disastrous tax bill which prioritized Republican donors over working California families, Congressman Ed Royce is seeing the writing on the wall. Other California Republicans who have consistently voted against their constituents, including my opponent Rep. Mimi Walters, should pay attention. Orange County voters are going to hold you accountable this November.”

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