CA-45 voters who are online and on social networks need to see that Dave Min is the only candidate endorsed by the California Democratic Party.

CA-45 voters could also benefit from seeing a longer message that reminds them that UCI law professor Dave Min is the only candidate endorsed but the California Democratic Party and local leaders, because he will invest in the environment, better schools and health care for everyone.

In particular, voters in CA-45 who are older than 35 and are not Republicans or Republican-leaning NPP.


Dave Min is a UC Irvine law professor, economic expert, husband and father who has devoted his career to building a fair economy that works for all of our families. A son of Korean immigrants who came here for a better life, Dave wants his kids to grow up in an America where everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream. The only candidate endorsed by the Democratic Party, Dave is running on a Dad Agenda to create a better America that reflects our values.

In Congress, Dave will fight for long-term priorities like health care, because all Americans deserve affordable, high quality healthcare, while Mimi Walters and Donald Trump are on a mission to take away health care from millions of people with no replacement plan. Dave Min proposes giving all Americans the option to buy into Medicare and empowering Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. Dave will also fight to protect access to reproductive health care, protect our coast from oil drilling, and invest in our public schools and higher education.


If possible, voters in CA-45 who are Democrats, Dem+, and MPL and are in PDI’s 18P3 universe and voters who are NPP or American Independent and appear in PDI’s 18P2 universe and don’t have a Republican in their household need to read this message.

To take a look at Dave Min’s photos, click here.