Month: December 2017

Release: Working Californians Deserve Real Tax Relief


Dave Min (CA-45): Working Californians Deserve Real Tax Relief

IRVINE, CA  – Democratic Candidate for Congress Dave Min made the following comments in response to the passage of the GOP’s tax reform bill:

“This tax bill is an abomination. It is an attack on working Americans and is punitive towards California families in particular. It is unbelievable that any California representative could vote for it. When elected to Congress next year, my top priority will be to replace this tax bill with comprehensive tax reform that prioritizes the middle class and brings real relief to working Californians.”

“The final version of this bill is evidence of Walters’ inability to be an effective leader and fight for her constituents,” continued Paige Hutchinson, Min’s campaign manager. “Representative Mimi Walters repeatedly told us she was working to bring relief to ‘middle income families’ in in her district but Walters’ constituents are still left paying more so that billionaires and multinational corporations can get a massive tax break.”

Release: Dave Min’s Statement on Net Neutrality Decision

Irvine, CA – Dave Min, candidate for Congress in California’s 45th Congressional district released the following statement in response to the FCC’s decision to end net neutrality:

“Ending Net Neutrality is wrong and will harm economic growth. The Internet is the infrastructure of the 21st century, just as roads and highways were the infrastructure of the 20th century. America didn’t become the greatest economy in the world by charging tolls and hidden fees depending on which cities you visited, and our economic competitiveness will suffer if we allow this to happen to our Internet.

“Unfortunately, too many of our politicians in Washington, DC, including Congresswoman Mimi Walters, are bought and paid for by Big Telecom, which is chomping at the bit to charge us more for how we use the Internet. We need to elect members of Congress who will stand up to the Trump Administration and recognize the importance of a free Internet. When I replace Mimi Walters in Congress in 2019, I promise I will fight to restore net neutrality.”

We must act now to save Net Neutrality and internet freedom.

We must act now to save Net Neutrality and internet freedom.

When I announced my campaign for Congress, I knew I would be fighting for the core values of our country, but I never thought I would have to defend the very freedom of information on the Internet. But here we are.

In two days, the FCC will vote on repealing net neutrality, the set of rules that keep our Internet open, equal, and accessible. The Internet has always been viewed as a public good akin to highways or roads- once you get onto the Internet, you don’t have to worry about unexpected tolls because you decide to visit a certain website or service. But the Trump administration is poised to reclassify and hijack our Internet in just this way, at the behest of the big Telecom companies.

If net neutrality is repealed, ISPs (internet service providers) will be able to prioritize certain traffic over others. You’ll have to pay premiums for the information you get online every day. Websites and products owned by the ISPs could be given preferential treatment. Smaller companies won’t be able to compete with the corporate giants. It’s an abuse of power, and it could very well happen.

The Internet is no longer a novelty. We use it every day of our lives. Companies are built on it, employees perform their jobs through it, students need it to learn and many use it to obtain health insurance. It is the infrastructure of the 21st Century, and it’s now under attack.

Earlier this year, Congressional Republicans, including my opponent Congresswoman Mimi Walters, who has taken nearly $50,000 from the telecommunications industry, voted to erase Internet privacy rules preventing ISPs from selling our data. Now, the Trump administration is poised to go much further and eliminate net neutrality, one of the core consumer protections that has been key to the development of the Internet. Republicans in Congress, acting on behalf of the telecom companies that support them, are more than comfortable if the FCC repeals these rules. The fight will continue in every piece of legislation they have a hand in drafting. It’s why we need to elect members of Congress that will defend the freedom of the Internet well after this decision is made.

We have a lot of work to do in this country. We can’t let the Internet become a place that only prioritizes the interests of big corporations and the wealthy. The FCC needs to keep it free and open.

And if they don’t, then we’ll work to get it back.

Call your member of Congress now and ask them to save net neutrality: 202-224-3121

Release: Democrat Dave Min (CA-45) Statement on Muslim Travel Ban

Release: Democrat Dave Min (CA-45) Statement on Muslim Travel Ban

December 5, 2017

Democrat Dave Min (CA-45) Statement on Muslim Travel Ban

Irvine, CA – Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Muslim Travel Ban, Democratic candidate for Congress Dave Min released the following statement:

“As a law professor and son of Korean immigrants, I know that banning people from entering this country simply because our President doesn’t like their religion or national origin is wrong. Whether Trump’s Muslim Ban is ruled constitutional or not, it is fundamentally un-American and contrary to everything that this country stands for. I promise that I will fight to reverse it when I’m elected to Congress. Now more than ever, it is imperative we place a check on Donald Trump, and we can only do that by unseating his closest allies like Congresswoman Mimi Walters, who continually provide a blank check to his actions.”

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